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Canterbury Golf
29 January 2015

Geoff Saunders Appointed to Review Canterbury Golf Men's Rep Issues

Canterbury Golf has appointed Geoff Saunders to review current policies and guidelines relating to Canterbury representatives for men's golf.

The review will encompass:

  • A general review of the issues.
  • An examination of the complaints and grievances of the players.
  • Consideration of the policy relating to the selection of potential professional players in amateur teams.
  • Selection processes.
  • The composition and expertise of selection panels.
  • The disciplinary process.
  • A review of guidelines around player conduct and media comment.
  • Possible mentoring/mediation mechanisms when player issues arise.

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Geoff Saunders

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Geoff Saunders retired as a Partner on the 31st of March 2018. He established the firm in 1998 and has gained great satisfaction from its growth and market reputation.

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