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19 Aug 2019
There are many legal implications to offering your property as short term accommodation.
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16 Jul 2019
What do you need to be aware of in co-ownership arrangements?
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4 Jul 2019
Are you playing music in your business? Do you need a licence?
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3 Jul 2019
Supreme Court decides that right to replacement insurance cover is not assignable.
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5 Jun 2019
Do your rental properties meet the new requirements under the law?
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6 May 2019
Are you purchasing a business? Do you need a list of things to tick off for your due diligence? Take a look at this short article that outlines what you need to consider.
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29 Apr 2019
Are your employment agreements up to date?
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24 Apr 2019
It can be very daunting selling your property, especially if you have not done so for some time.
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