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18 Mar 2019
Are you planning on some home improvements but are unsure whether you need a building consent?
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1 Mar 2019
The Tax Working Group released its final report on the NZ tax system last Thursday 21 February 2019.
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12 Feb 2019
Retentions are an ongoing issue in the construction industry.
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8 Feb 2019
Lime Scooters – whether they are inherently dangerous or fun and convenient is an issue which seems to be dividing the nation.
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21 Jan 2019
In New Zealand, it is common to have a house with a shared driveway. But what are your obligations if the driveway is damaged and how will your insurance cover respond?
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21 Dec 2018
Will your employment agreements cut the mustard in 2019? Quick guide to the key changes you need to know.
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19 Oct 2018
Are you a Shareholder in a Company? Have you ever wondered what would happen to your shares if you suffer from a critical event? Alternatively, have you thought about how you would fund the purchase of another shareholder’s shares if they suffer from a critical event?
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30 Aug 2018
The Overseas Investment Amendment Bill has been passed into law by the New Zealand Government. The new law comes into effect on 22 October 2018, and restricts certain overseas people from buying residential land in New Zealand from that date.
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