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5 Dec 2017
The new Government has recently announced its plan to effectively block non-residents or non-citizens from buying existing residential properties.
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21 Nov 2017
We are often asked about what happens when an employee has worked for a significant period of time but has never signed an employment agreement. Employers wish to know what terms and conditions of employment apply to the employee in that situation.
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16 Nov 2017
Are you thinking about trading in for a new view? Here are some pointers for those considering purchasing a lifestyle property.
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9 Nov 2017
What is needed for a contract? Is a verbal contract binding? Lawyers are often asked these questions and in many industries handshake deals are common. However, when something goes wrong, clients want to know if a contract has been formed.
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13 Oct 2017
Methamphetamine-contaminated houses are a growing issue in New Zealand. Ensure you are aware of the risks when purchasing a home.
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25 Sep 2017
Environment Canterbury (“ECan”) have made significant changes to the wood burner regulations for Clean Air Zones in Canterbury. Make sure you don’t miss the deadline!
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20 Sep 2017
Congratulations to William Brown who has been elected Club Captain of Clearwater Golf Club.
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24 Aug 2017
The Residential Tenancies Act 1986 (“Act”) was amended last year which changes the obligations of landlords in respect to their rental properties. The main key changes affect your obligations in respect to smoke alarms, insulation and the tenancy abandonment process.
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