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Invoice Payment


Credit Card

We welcome payment of our invoices by Visa or MasterCard by using the below form.

If you make a payment in error, please contact our accounts department on (03) 377-4470 and they will arrange for a refund of any overpayment.

All charges to your credit card will be made in New Zealand dollars.

Please note: We only accept credit card payments for payment of our invoices.  If you wish to deposit funds into our trust account for any other purpose you can do so by direct credit.


Minimum amount payable: 50.00 NZD

Direct Credit

Please email us at or phone us on (03) 377 4470  if you wish to make a payment via direct credit, and we can provide you with our Trust account details directly. Please ensure you include your client and matter number as a reference - this ensures we know what your payment is for.


We no longer accept payment via cheque. Please email us at or phone us on (03) 377 4470 to discuss alternative payment options via Direct Credit.