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14 Aug 2018
As a result of Mycoplasma Bovis, the 2018 dairy calving/mating season has been an unsettling time. This has caused many farmers and sharemilkers to be uncertain about how to protect their farms and livelihood.
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11 Jul 2018
The Bright-Line Test, introduced into New Zealand’s tax legislation in October 2015, has been described by a number of commentators as a quasi-Capital Gains Tax on land. The rules were intended to slow speculation by investors and take some heat out of the property market.
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10 Jul 2018
Since October 2015 the Bright-Line Test has imposed a new tax on gains made from the sale of residential property. Before you sell your property, particularly an investment property, you should consider the tax consequences of selling.
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9 Jul 2018
Are you in business with one or more shareholders? Ever wondered what would happen if the other shareholder wanted to sell their shares, and if they can offer those shares to someone outside the Company?
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3 Jul 2018
The Government recently released a report from Professor Sir Peter Gluckman on the health risk from exposure to Methamphetamine residues in residential property.
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2 Jul 2018
Southern Response has recently announced how it will approach the limitation period and limitation defence after 4 September 2018.
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29 Jun 2018
The government has announced that it will be working with farming sector leaders to attempt to eradicate the mycoplasma bovis disease over the next few years.
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30 May 2018
Lee Robinson MNZM, has been appointed the independent chair of Abbott NZ Holding Limited from 1 April 2018.
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