17 August 2022

Saunders Robinson Brown launches new brand

Canterbury based law firm Saunders Robinson Brown (SRB) has re-branded effective 15th August.

“We are at a new stage in our firm’s journey and want our brand to better reflect who we are today” says Managing Partner Jonathan Gillard.

“This process ensured we looked very closely at ourselves. As part of our brand development we talked with both clients and staff about what they thought the SRB brand stood for. The territory in which we’ve landed is in line with our updated vision of ‘being the best at what we do and a great place to work’”.

Gillard explains, “Our new visual identity, the triangle, represents focus and progression. It supports the idea that we help our clients, irrespective of why they are working with us, to move forward and achieve their goals. As the foundation of our business, our clients and people sit at the heart of our triangle. Our other core values related to Character, Commitment and Capability are represented by each point of the triangle.”

“Linked to this concept we also help our people to progress and succeed in their careers, enabling them to thrive through our people-oriented workplace programmes.”

“We have always prided ourselves on our people and client-centric culture”, and Gillard says “Our new brand and what it stands for builds on this. This is the start of a new chapter of momentum in the Saunders Robinson Brown story, and we are excited for the future.”

As part of the re-brand project, SRB have updated their stationery, signage, website, merchandise and social media platforms.

SRB’s brand re-design work was carried out by Christchurch based design agency McCarthy Design, and the new website built by digital agency Hairy Lemon.

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