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24 Jan 2018
Since 2015, the Brightline Test has imposed a new tax on gains made from the sale of residential property. If you are thinking of buying or selling property, these new tax rules may apply to you.
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17 Jan 2018
During the application process for a loan, a lender will sometimes require a guarantee. The provider of a guarantee is called a guarantor.
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5 Dec 2017
The new Government has recently announced its plan to effectively block non-residents or non-citizens from buying existing residential properties.
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21 Nov 2017
We are often asked about what happens when an employee has worked for a significant period of time but has never signed an employment agreement. Employers wish to know what terms and conditions of employment apply to the employee in that situation.
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16 Nov 2017
Are you thinking about trading in for a new view? Here are some pointers for those considering purchasing a lifestyle property.
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9 Nov 2017
What is needed for a contract? Is a verbal contract binding? Lawyers are often asked these questions and in many industries handshake deals are common. However, when something goes wrong, clients want to know if a contract has been formed.
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