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31 May 2021
Sick leave, Holidays Act
Employees will see an increase to their minimum sick leave entitlements when the Holidays (Increasing Sick Leave) Amendment Bill comes into force from 24 July 2021.
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7 May 2021
Today’s Fair Pay Agreement (“FPA”) announcement by the Government signals a significant change to New Zealand’s labour law landscape.
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6 May 2021
The Court of Appeal has released its decision on the claim against the former directors of Mainzeal Property and Construction Limited.
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21 Dec 2020
In recent a decision, Madsen-Ries v Cooper, the Supreme Court re-visited the duties owed by a director of a company under the Companies Act 1993 (“Act”). The Court overruled the decision of the Court of Appeal and took a literal interpretation of directors’ duties under the Act.
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12 Nov 2020
In an important test case, IAG and Hawkins (QBE) have been found liable for the cost of remedying defective repairs to an earthquake damaged house.
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22 Apr 2020
With an increased focus on cash flow in the current economic climate, what options do creditors have for recovering outstanding debts?
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3 Apr 2020
Covid-19 has caused severe disruption to businesses and their staff. How will your business insurance cover respond?
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3 Jul 2019
Supreme Court decides that right to replacement insurance cover is not assignable.
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