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22 Apr 2020
With an increased focus on cash flow in the current economic climate, what options do creditors have for recovering outstanding debts?
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3 Apr 2020
Covid-19 has caused severe disruption to businesses and their staff. How will your business insurance cover respond?
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3 Jul 2019
Supreme Court decides that right to replacement insurance cover is not assignable.
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17 Apr 2019
High Court confirms that an insurer that elects to repair insured property damage is liable for defective repairs.
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12 Feb 2019
Retentions are an ongoing issue in the construction industry.
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2 Jul 2018
Southern Response has recently announced how it will approach the limitation period and limitation defence after 4 September 2018.
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19 Jul 2016
The recent building boom in Christchurch has resulted in a number of issues with the quality of house builds and alterations. We discuss key areas of dispute and some tips on what to do if issues do arise.
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13 May 2016
The EQC and the EQC Action Group have recently released a joint statement clarifying the principles that guide the EQC’s assessment and settlement of building claims under the Earthquake Commission Act. Read more to see whether this may affect your claim.
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