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8 Apr 2020
How will my contracts be impacted and what can I do?
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18 Mar 2019
Are you planning on some home improvements but are unsure whether you need a building consent?
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27 Jul 2017
We often see Agreements for Sale and Purchase (“Agreement”) that are subject to a “Solicitor’s Approval” clause. What does this really mean and will it provide you with a right to cancel the Agreement?
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29 Jun 2017
What is it? If you are buying a property and your Agreement for Sale and Purchase (“Agreement”) is unconditional, it is important that you are aware that the standard Agreement provides you with the right to inspect the property prior to settlement. This is called a pre-settlement inspection (“Inspection”). The Inspection can be organised through the real estate agent or directly with the Vendor or their Solicitor (if a private sale).
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19 May 2017
If you are buying a property, your agreement for sale and purchase should be subject to finance - even if you have pre-approval.
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1 Dec 2016
The Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ) has announced changes to the Loan to Value Ratio (LVR) restrictions, which became effective from 1 September 2016. These changes will have an impact on those wanting to invest in the property market.
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